DIY Briefs

Create patterns for any style (eg. high hip fifties, bikini)  to fit your individual shape exactly.

Ecotip: Recycle stretch cotton from old t-shirts if you like.

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Kitchen plastic film wraps twice around abdomen & once front to back over crotch.  Tuck in edges to resemble briefs.


Cut down sides & let form fall to floor. Cut vertically down middle. Keep one half. (This is your base pattern)



Lay straight edge of pattern on fold line of  fabric. Outline with chalk, smooth-curving the inner leg lines. Cut.



Fold  front to back. Sew side seams. (Don’t worry if  widths of front/back at the sides are different at this point!)



Try on, and take a piece of chalk to refine the shape if you need to. Re-cut to shape.



Align elastic along the outer edges, and lightly stretch over fabric as you sew. 



Embellish with bow(s), button,  monogram…

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