Fold It Drape It Anyway You Want it

Feb 18, 2012-


Thanks to all who passed by the Gumtree Tent at  Sustainable Living Festival’s Big Weekend in Melbourne, by the Yarra Riverside Promenade, Birrarung Marr today to learn more about sustainable fashion and to have a go at making new things from old items.

A few themes to my talks and demonstrations seemed to keep people’s heads popping in for a “squiz”: Turn that Gown Upside Down, Monkey Your Socks, What I Did to My Jeans Last Summer & From Fabric Scrappy to Fabric Happy.

Fabric flowers were…erm.. attempted? Let’s just say some were more successful than others.. LOL. Twenty budding sock monkeys are on their way to full-fledged quirky completion, stuffed with cut up excess fabric, locally produced woollen fleece and old nylon stockings.

Brave participants of varying generations, nationalities and genders, often with no prior fashion design expertise, also showed just how easy it is to drape and play with fabric and preloved clothing to create tres stylish items at the Draping Station.

Finally, Emma Grace’s jewelry table was  filled with ladies creating gorgeous bracelets and necklaces simply by cutting and mixing different segments from old jewelry.

Thanks again to SLF Coordinator Sharon Chan, SLF extra volunteers Pauline and friend, my friend Polly, my sister, mum and dad for coming out to support and help. Incredibly, all materials for sock animals were donated by my mother, or brought along by participants in the case of the jewelry table, and all workshop leaders and coordinators worked free of charge at this non-sponsored event. How’s that for dedication, if I can say so myself?!

Best of all, you can see by the smiles and results of participant’s efforts in the pictures how we can enrich our own sense of well-being and create lovely things that can’t be found anywhere else, without “costing the earth”.

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