Golden Greenies Awards Night

A very civilized drinks and nibbles function for all Sustainable Living Festival partners was held at BMW Edge in Federation Square on Friday 17 Feb 2012.

As well as the Festival’s dedicated organizers, a lady from the Melbourne City Council , a couple of cool young reps from the EcoDirectory down from Sydney, a man known as the Garbage Warrior, a representative from a website which collates all the green food supplier info  for people, and so on.

As the crowd mingled and schmoozed,  large plates of carrotty rice paper rolls with soy sauce and some tasty curry puff thingeys were sheparded around the room by catering staff, which had the effect of pausing both lighthearted and serious conversation alike.

Six engraved awards were supercreatively made by Sustainable Living Festival Director Luke Taylor, from his dad’s decking, his dad’s old table legs, some plastic green turf (reused), some upcycled crockery and herbs from someone’s garden, …and the table legs were coated with bio-oil.

Categories included Biggest Greenie and  Most Interesting Presentation Topic (which went to Vegan Bodybuilding). The awards were comically presented by Bernie from The New Inventors show on ABC TV.

For Most Interactive Workshop, I was nominated alongside nominees for Sustainable Garden Tours and Opp Shop Tours. I actually won and I just remember gushing  a lot and looking at a a room full of blurry faces. Cause my eyesight isn’t great anyway, and that’s kind of what it feels like when the spotlight is put on you. It was fun though:)

The awards ceremony was followed by a spirited debate  on Sustainability.


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