RosyLovesMakinThings receives Golden Greenie Award Nomination

Feb 17 2012- Last week, I received an email and call telling me I’d been nominated for a Golden Greenie Award, as part of my participation in the Sustainable Living Festival. Fuzzy feelings abound:) The Awards night is going to be at the BMW Edge in Fed Square.   “Ahem…I’d like to thank my mother and father for having me….”  Well, let’s not jump the gun. At least a chance to feel VIP and celebrity-like, perhaps.

Honestly though, I found out that most people setting the festival up are volunteers. Volunteers!! Pretty efficient and polite and friendly project managers have been liaising with me to set up my workshops (I can’t say that about many paid people in places I may or may not have worked for or be working for currently.. Ahem. ) Even many of the graphic design people are volunteers apparently. There is something to be said for intrinsic motivation. Why that is not, in most cases, rewarded monetarily, I guess that’s why they say money is evil, mu ha ha ha.

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