Free Federation Square Workshops

Saturday Feb 18, from 3pm-6pm, under the Gumtree Tent, at Birrarung Marr just behind Federation Square in the centre of Melbourne, there will be two sock animal workshops and two fashion restyling workshops. Free! And for the sock animals, all materials are provided. Thanks Mum, for kindly donating years of those accumulated sock purchases that we never wore. Clutter, is the foundation on which we should realize the need to reduce and reuse and not overbuy. It’s going to be a beautiful day, with weather forecast as sunny, partly cloudy with a top of  28C .

More info here.

Sometimes I think the only reason why we have so much stuff is because there isn’t really a lot more offered by businesses and stores than to walk about and throw money around and get stuff. Same experience, different stuff.

For those of you who are new to making things yourself, and believe in convenience over everything else, believe me, sometimes there is nothing more enriching  and lasting an experience than creating something one’s self. From scratch. With all the frustration and everything. Irritation is what polishes the pearl, at least for oysters, why not us too. LOL.

Back to the free workshop at Melbourne’s Federation Square, Emma Grace will also be there showing you how to rework defunct jewelry into fabulous items. So get excited! I am. Both of us will be volunteering our time and expertise on this day.

I will take this opportunity to take pictures of Melbourne street fashion, get people’s opinions on fashion in general, and just generally be active and try out some new things.

Better than a day shopping at Chadstone swiping my credit card over and over again and carrying more stuff around, if you ask me;)

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