Fix It! Initiative at Fed Square

Fix It! is an initiative of the EcoCentre, St Kilda, encouraging people to repair what they have rather than throw away. Manufacturers build in obsolescence, I hear you say. Yes, but… well you can learn some tips from the experts too on how to repair stuff. Here is some info I received from the organizers:

“We’re very excited in the countdown week to Fix it! at Sustainable Living Festival this Sunday, 19 February.
Fix it! events are free, friendly get-togethers where skilled volunteers guide the public through repairing their own objects.

The tent will be bustling and bursting! Besides fixing/making space, we’ll have The Story of Waste panels, a Gallery of Reimagined Objects, Sara & Patricia from Recycling is Fun,  and a MobileMuster collection table – people can have their old mobiles cleared of data and donate them for recycling: the components are 90% recoverable.

The Fix it! is open to the public from 11-3. They can pre-register object requests by emailing or going to BYO lamps are closed – but people can sign up to adopt & fix one of those donated by the Op Shop.”

The three categories are Switches (electrical), Splinters, and Stitches. I will be helping out on the Stitches front. I have already received a request about an old patchwork quilt “that she doesn’t want to throw out because her mum made it but it’s too small for our bed”, etc. Toughie. I’m thinking perhaps this couple could try framing part of it for sentimental reasons, making some practical totes, perhaps, or attaching it to a larger quilt to fit the bed. But I’m sensing he doesn’t like it! Should be fun finding out more of this story on Sunday when I get to speak to the gentleman.

So anyway, if you have an object in the category of Switches, Splinters, or Stitches, and if those glitches in your riches give you the itches to ditch it, Fix It! We’ll show you how…

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