Sock Animal Workshop

Don’t miss out on this superfun workshop where you will create your own quirky pet toy collectible from a pair of socks!Get silly and have a laugh with us, as we enter the world of sock animals on what will be a relaxed Sunday afternoon this February 12,  as part of the 2012 Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne. We will be sitting around large tables in the beautiful historic hall of Prahran RSL Memorial Hall, located at 301 High St Prahran, between Chapel St and Williams Rd, about 10 minutes walk from Prahran Station or Windsor Station on the Sandringham Line, or Stop #33 on Tram#6 in either direction.

Entertain your kid with a new toy or make a piece of art with a piece of your soul in it that you can put on your bookshelf. Armed with needle, thread, scissors, socks and some recycled fabric stuffing, see your very own creature take shape and customize it to your liking. Once you have learned the basics of creating a sock animal, you will no doubt be capable of applying your imagination to any living, alien or mythical species and make your own mark on this established craft tradition.

Each participant gets a pair of socks, stuffing, instruction booklet, needle thread and scissors are supplied. Guided demonstrations as you follow along and have a giggle. Bring additional socks  if you want to try more than one animal. Mismatched loose mid-length socks are ideal! Samples of sock elephants, monkeys, cats, dogs, camels, rabbits, pigs, will be there for inspiration. If you are bringing kids, they can have a go with you, play with the sample toys and try drawing some background playsets on large butcher’s paper nearby (Please bring your own crayons/textas/coloured pencils).

Click on Upcoming Workshops to find the link to prepurchase tickets and save your spot, or try for a ticket at the door on the day.

See you there!


Thanks to all you lovely people who came to the workshop to make it a fun afternoon- now I know what a “sock slug” looks like!!

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