2012 Melbourne MiniMakerFaire- 50 Ways to Restyle Your Clothing Workshop

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Sat. Jan 14 2012-

This fashion restyling workshop, called 50 Ways to Restyle Your Clothing, was held as part of the Melbourne MiniMakerFaire, with about a dozen participants, all with varying degrees of experience in sewing and fashion restyling, but all happy to have a go.

We warmed up with a party mingle chit chat about fast fashion,  the path of second-hand clothing and sustainable fashion. When talking about excess clothing, I discovered some people like me had a floordrobe, some not, some  had a chairdrobe and one person had a treedrobe her husband had hammered together from recycled timber for hanging clothes.

We then looked at a Powerpoint presentation with some restyling ideas, such as draping, cutting, applique, splatter dyeing and fabric manipulation. A couple of demonstrations on a dress mannequin, before everyone set about brainstorming different ways to restyle some simple pieces of clothing and fabric, mindmapping ideas in groups.

I couldn’t stop them! !  Inserting fabric panels, cutting off sleeves, repurposing clothing, using fabric as headbands, bedroom toys(!), turning cardigans upside down, fashioning floppy bonnets- just some of the ideas they came up with.

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